A Little Introduction – How My Story Began

So I as you may have seen once or twice around this blog, I’m an electrical engineer currently finding myself working at one of the rarest kind of companies, a tech start-up with genuinely original technology.

How did I get this job? Luck of course. I met one of the directors, a very nice 40 something year old man who we shall call Dave, whilst he was teaching a one-off course at my university. Impressed by a piece of coursework he invited me to his ‘office’ (practically unfurnished room they chucked visiting professors in) for a chat, although bricking it I naturally assumed it was because my report had done the opposite. The room consisted of two of those ugly pastel cushion chairs that old institutions are increasingly using to seem modern, a circularly coffee table so small that the laptop and paper it held were sticking over the edge, and a cheap plastic kettle sat lonely on the carpet.

Walking in he invited me to sit down and made me what I now know to be a customary cup of Yorkshire tea. We began to chat. It was a long and diverse conversation, where we talked about everything from sports, to politics, and even on what constitutes the perfect cup of tea. After about 45 minutes he got up, said it had been a pleasure, and left for a meeting. Sitting there, I didn’t really know what had just taken place. It had been an extremely odd conversation, mainly because the conversation itself hadn’t been odd at all. It was the kind of conversation you would expect to have down the pub, the kind where you don’t really talk about anything at all. So I left, a bit bewildered by a guy I’d never properly met inviting me to his office for seemingly no reason. But reading this now, you may have realised that it was actually some kind of interview. If you can really call it that. By the time I got home, I had an email from Dave offering me an internship.

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