27/11/2020 – Wasting One Monday Is Fine, Right?

In a start up, to be honest like in any company, you should always take the time to read and to think things through before starting a new task. I make sure to constantly remind myself of this, but yet again I only seem capable of doing so after the fact.

I spent last week performing over 300 tests on each of four new sensors. The following Monday C comes over, “sorry mate think one of the sensors was mislabelled, meant to be a 12 not an 11”. The next hour was then spent changing file names. About thirty minutes after the reupload is completed my heart drops as C again strolls up to my desk.

C: “By the way I’ve noticed you wrote 25c in the file names, I wrote 2Sc on the label”.

Me: “On which ones?”

C: “All of them”

He was right, he had. I decided to replace the ‘Monday’ on the top of my To Do list with ‘Tuesday’. Walking home that night I realised that I could have written a piece of code to do the whole of each renaming task in well under 10 seconds. Sh*t.

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