The Need to Prioritise the Unimportant

Somehow, again, a 15 minute ‘catch-up’ meeting has ended in me leading, which is start-up lingo for being the only person working full-time on, a month long project. On paper I have no problem with it, it’s an interesting project and I may even learn a thing or two. The real killer though is thatContinue reading “The Need to Prioritise the Unimportant”

27/11/2020 – Wasting One Monday Is Fine, Right?

In a start up, to be honest like in any company, you should always take the time to read and to think things through before starting a new task. I make sure to constantly remind myself of this, but yet again I only seem capable of doing so after the fact. I spent last weekContinue reading “27/11/2020 – Wasting One Monday Is Fine, Right?”