The Feral Pen Thief – I WILL FIND YOU.

I wouldn’t consider myself an extremely object-oriented person. Rarely do I develop attachments to my possessions, and rarer still do I feel any real level of protection over them. I make an exception, of course, for a good pen. I could write for hours on the sensation of a good pen. The way it glidesContinue reading “The Feral Pen Thief – I WILL FIND YOU.”

Trying to be Organised in a Start-Up – Why I Don’t Bother

There are three days left until hand in and, naturally, it is going to be tight. Doable, but tight. Then I go and make what I now know to be an extremely foolish mistake. During some of my earlier and more desperate times I would find myself searching for what their authors and presenters likeContinue reading “Trying to be Organised in a Start-Up – Why I Don’t Bother”

The Need to Prioritise the Unimportant

Somehow, again, a 15 minute ‘catch-up’ meeting has ended in me leading, which is start-up lingo for being the only person working full-time on, a month long project. On paper I have no problem with it, it’s an interesting project and I may even learn a thing or two. The real killer though is thatContinue reading “The Need to Prioritise the Unimportant”

A Little Introduction – How My Story Began

So I as you may have seen once or twice around this blog, I’m an electrical engineer currently finding myself working at one of the rarest kind of companies, a tech start-up with genuinely original technology. How did I get this job? Luck of course. I met one of the directors, a very nice 40Continue reading “A Little Introduction – How My Story Began”